A typical Fall in Northern Vietnam’s Hanoi

As you wake up in the early autumn morning, you can feel all the beauty of Hanoi. Early this morning, I was awoken by a cool autumn breeze. As i took a deep breath, I knew autumn was already here. The sky is green and the atmosphere is very special; it’s unlike our hot summer however not as cold as the winter. If spring brings you a wet day with frequent rains, Hanoi’s autumn, brings an equivocal peaceful feeling. The world seems to slow down in Hanoi during autumn more than any other season of the year. The smell of alstonia’s flowers (hoa sua) – the tropical tree mostly found in India and Southeast Asia, smells sweet as they float across the air, gently reminding us that autumn is coming. Spending an afternoon visiting the temple of literature, a 1000-year-old university in Hanoi and enjoying the sightseeing with the smell of Hoa Sua, is one of my favorite weekend trips in Vietnam. Hanoi’s autumn is like a love song blossoming in various colors: peaceful yellow of Loc Vung leaves, romantic lavender of Ban flower and pure white of Hoa sua.Hanoi - What you need to know before you go – Go Guides

The weather in Hanoi during 하노이 마사지 the fall can often be compared to that of a young girl: sometimes gloomy, but often shortly after, full of sunshine. Around noontime, the weather often changes and increases in temperature. Whereas summer is intensely hot, making people feel humid, Autumn sees many small rays of sunshine shining through the leaves as if they were hundreds of untouchable crystals. Walking slowly down the street and enjoying the weather of a midday autumn, I feel totally separated from the bustling city life Northern Vietnam’s Hanoi is known for. If I’m lucky enough, I may once again meet the rain on this fine afternoon. Hanoi’s autumn rain comes and goes quickly. Standing in front of the Taoist Temple Quan Thanh; formerly known as Tran Vu Temple, as i look in the distance towards West Lake, I see some rain drops on the surface of the lake and am once again brought to complete relaxation by the fresh autumn breeze.

Nighttime in Hanoi’s Autumn season turns colder and you’ll enjoy seeing thousands of lights and lanterns as the city lights up in the evening. You can walk down some streets around Hoan Kiem (which translates to returning sword) to enjoy the view of Loc Vung trees turning into yellow.

This time also offers you opportunity to participate in the citywide Mid Autumn festival. Hang Ma Street (paper street) is the most crowded street in Hanoi during this time. It has been one of Hanoi’s typically frenetic commercial areas since the medieval times. During traditional festivities, the street becomes filled with sounds, colors and light, bearing the imprints of the spiritual life of Orientals. In October, Hanoi celebrates independence day with a chain of musical shows around the city. On our Independence day, as you walk along the old quarters, you can easily find many small stages being set up for an evening musical show.

Hanoi’s fall is also the time of tropical food blooming such as Sharon fruit, pomelo, custard-apple, sapodilla or star fruits. Hanoi has a very special traditional food which is only available in autumn; young green rice. Green rice is made from sticky rice and as you look across the street, you’ll see a woman shouldering a pole with two baskets covered with large lotus leaves. The young green rice (Com) refreshes the air with countryside fragrances. What bliss after a hot and humid dusty summer. Com is usually covered in large lotus leaves not only because it looks more beautiful, but also because the smell of lotus leaves helps enhance the taste of young green rice. The most famous young green rice is made in Vong village; a Hanoi traditional crafts village. Bunching your fingers together, pinch a few grains of Com into your mouth and leisurely enjoy the elasticity as the sweet taste melts on your tongue.

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