About Jack Daniel

What is Jack Daniel?
Jack Daniel is a famous producer of whiskey in Tennessee. The liquors produced by the brand are one of the best-selling types of alcohol in the world; even it is the choice of many famous celebrities such as Lemmy from the rock band. The brand provides wide range of choices to its customers. The whiskey produced is very tasty and its taste lies in its flavor. It is also renowned for its bottles which are in square shaped and black label.

Jack Daniel Distillery is the place where this delectable whiskey is produced which is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The founder of the distillery was Jasper Newton who expired in 1911 by blood poisoning. Since Jack Daniel never got  liquor store married and thus had no children, he bestowed the distillery to his beloved nephew, Lern Motlow who again gave it to his brood after he expired in 1947. The company was banned from manufacturing whiskey during the period of Second World War and it recommenced its production in 1947. The company again incorporated by the name, “Jack Daniel Distillery, Lern Motlow Prop., Inc”. It is located in Moore County which is a dry county. So it is illegitimate to acquire it there whereas it is authorized to produce it there. Nevertheless, a law of the state has offered one exemption: one honoring product can be sold by the distillery in the county. As a result, there are Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and Gentleman Jack sold by the distillery at the White Rabbit Bottle Shop.

Lowering of alcohol volume
It had always produced the whiskey at 90 proof that means 45% alcohol in volume. However, in October 2004, the company announced that all generally available products of Jack Daniel would thenceforth be bottled at 80 proof. They stated the reason that while marketing the products they had found that customers preferred a lower proof whiskey rather than a higher proof whiskey. A magazine “Modern Drunkard Magazine” condemned the content stating reduction in alcohol and formed a petition for drinkers who disagreed with the change.

It was 2006 when the brand sponsored the Perkins Engineering team in the series of Australian V8 Supercar which continued until 2008. In 2009, they moved to sponsor the newly formed team Kelly Racing and ended the sponsorship contract after the end of 2009.

Major Distillers
In 2008, Jeff Arnett who has been serving the company from 2001 has awarded for master distiller. Jimmy Bedford, who is his predecessor held the position for 20 years.


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