Buy Cocoa Powder to Up Your Superfood Intake

Most of us lead busy hectic lives, working a full time job, looking after our children and generally living a full life, all of which can put a strain on our health. People that are this busy can lean towards the convenience of a less healthy diet, buying ready meals to make meals times easier and relying on sugary fizzy drinks to keep them going during the afternoon sales meeting.

However, being healthy does not take much. When we walk into any supermarket or specialist food shop we are surrounded by all sort of foods that we can buy to help towards the healthy life still we should all inspire too. Adding a handful of nuts into our cereal in the morning or as an afternoon snack is an easy way to start changing our old unhealthy habits.

We are all starting to hear the term ‘Superfood’, the press and health inspired TV shows talk about the need to buy superfoods, but what are they? It is a term used for foods that have a high nutritional content. There are many foods that fall into this group from blueberries and goji berries to cacao power and kale. Eating a variety of superfoods is a great way to obtain many of the nutrients that our bodies require.

We all know where foods like kale and blueberries come from, but where does cacao powder come from? The cacao fruit tree produces pods, inside these pods are the beans and from the beans butter is extracted. The butter extracted is a main ingredient in chocolate bars and the remaining mixture is then used to make raw powder or nibs.

Nibs are the remains of the beans. Once the butter has been extracted the beans are then chopped up into much smaller pieces, which are called nibs. They are as nutritious as the whole bean itself and can be eaten as a natural chocolate alternative, much healthier than a standard bar which has sugar added to it to sweeten the taste.

Cacao powder has a fantastic nutritional content and contains over 300 chemical compounds. It was first used several decades ago as a drink and more recently, during the 17th century was used to make chocolate for the first time. Since then the market for chocolate has become huge and is one of the most popular forms of confectionary available to buy.

Chocolate is naturally high in magnesium, which plays a huge part in our brain function and to our energy levels throughout the day. It has good levels of sulphur which give us strong nails and shiny hair. The high level of anti oxidants found in cacao powder can even help in creating good forms of cholesterol in our bodies which help lower blood pressure.

It is good new if you are going on holiday JWH-018 POWDER FOR SALE too, it has been found that eating 20 grams of powder for 12 weeks, prior to a sunny holiday means you can stay in the sun for twice as long. Interestingly through recent research into its effects, scientists have found that it has a positive effect on the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Where is it available to buy? Many retailers online and in the high street sell this product. Completing an online search, you will be find a whole host of various stores that you can buy from using their online ordering system. There are health food shops and specialist nutrition shops on the high street that sell the powder and can answer any question that you may have.

The term superfood can really be attributed to this tiny little cacao bean, it really does pack a lot for its size.

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