Floor Tile Cutting — How to Achieve Angle Cuts on Floor Tiles Using an Angle Grinder

When generating cuts on floor tiles using the angle grinder and diamond blade, this is where the tricky part makes practice. It’s not only a hand held tool which is more difficult to regulate for doing straight lines, but you also have to gradually cut the tile from the reverse underside. When marking your tile for cutting, you actually have to mirror the measurements to search for the correct dimensions for topside laying, which will be a somewhat confusing aspect at the best of times.

Once pleased with your desired marks, you then follow your lines with lightly have scored cuts, discussing the same spot maybe around 4 to 5 times to as far as the glaze only, and never straight through at once. If you attempt this, you’ll probably just end up breaking a floor tile in no time, so the trick to cutting with the angle grinder has gentle travelling across strokes, and never right.

For easy control to match your own preferences, you can either support the main body of the angle grinder with one hand, and with the other support the optional grip handle which shines from either the left or the right. This method will give you a more precise and rigid control over cutting which is great for straight lines.

For round lines however, then with your hands on the main body you can achieve a more free-flowing action ideal for circular sweeps. The guard which protects both hands from the blade can also be turned to match your choice of cutting angle, but what you may do vijayalakshmi wet grinder, never eliminate it from the grinder. It is there for a purpose whether it’s your own private protection that you value most.

If you have a circular pattern to remove from a tile, do this in levels as with the wet tile saw in making a ‘comb teeth’ pattern following most of your brand of cut. Once you have a series of 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch wide ‘teeth’ along your line cut from the reverse side but not entirely all the way through to the glaze, you can then easily puppy nip these off with either your tile nippers or standard pliers, and clean up the sharp edges as you go. As always though, safety first, so truly appreciate to wear your eye protection even when nibbling tiles. Those shards can snap off like bullets.

As an ideal method of practice to get the hang of these techniques before actually applying them to your job, it is always wise to get a little experience in first to determine your safe place. Using off-cuts or broken floor tiles beyond repair, first get some lessons in on what to cut tiles using the angle grinder. You can never be too careful when trying out something new, and the final thing you want is unnecessary wastage and higher expense to the budget of your floor tiling project.

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