How To Make A Girl Jealous – 5 Ways How To Get A Girl Back To You Fast!

Are you looking for tips on how to make a girl jealous? Did you recently break up with your girlfriend? If you are searching for ways to get a girl back then you are reading the perfect article and further reading will provide you with 5 ways to do so. Splitting and breaking up is not easy and it is call girls in karachi understandable what you are going through right now. Jealousy can play an important role in making a girl realize that she lost something important and you are just 5 ways away from how to make a girl jealous.

1. Make Yourself Hotter

Look into your personality and try to figure out if you can make yourself look better; this can be the first step in solving the mystery on how to make a girl jealous. It just requires you to spend some time and money, buy fancy and stylish clothes, and join some classes related to betterment of the personality. When your ex would be able to see such an amazing changes in yourself, she would think that maybe you are doing it for someone else, who is there in your life in place of her. So what do you say about this first way? Is it something you cannot do to make a girl jealous? Definitely you can and it wouldn’t only help you make her jealous but also straighten up yourself.

2. Gain Popularity

Second way on how to make a girl jealous is about becoming an amusing, healthy and popular factor in those people or peers whom you shared with your girl. Be charming, be flirty, inject as much of humour as you can and make people laugh. Make them so happy that they have to shout out loud about your greatness. You will see that your ex’s attention would always be on you and there is no way one can’t get a girl back by using this method.

3. Do Things, Go To Places, You Had Planned Together

Think about the things you and your ex girlfriend planned but never got the chance to do them together. They can be anything from buying something, eating somewhere to travelling. Do those things alone or with someone else, a great part can be played by this way in following the objective of how to make a girl jealous.

4. Be A Stone Hearted About Breakup

If you want to get a girl back then you should never act like a wimp. This is very important in order to make a girl jealous to show no sadness, no anger about your breakup. Make her see that you are enjoying your life and when she is around, flirt and laugh with other girls.

5. Don’t Care About Calls and Messages

Never ever rush to answer the phone call or reply back the message of your ex. Take time, tell them that you were busy and make use of word ”only friends” a lot in your messages. This creates a lust in the heart of a girl to win you back and you can achieve your objective on how to make a girl jealous.

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