Yurbuds – The Earbud Enhancer

When i first heard about Yurbuds I was skeptical. You see Yurbuds are no ordinary earbuds. In fact, they aren’t earbuds at all. They are earbud enhancers and they are designed to provide a comfortable fit. The Yurbuds are primarily designed for the default ipod earbuds. The default ipod earbuds have a flat shape, so they easily fall out of ears. Yurtopia, the Yurbuds manufacturer, decided to remedy this issue and produce somewhat of a cover for earbudsJBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds – JLab

The Yurbuds are claimed to be custom  jlab earbuds pairing fit, but that is not the reality. What you have to do is send a picture of your ear with a reference object-a coin or the standard ipod earbuds. Yurtopia then uses “FitScan” technology, analyzes your ear shape and sends you one of the prebuild Yurbuds that matches your ear shape the best. If you have an iphone then you can use the “Size Yur Ear” app. All you do is take a picture with your iphone and it will automatically transfer to Yurtopia

The Yurbuds cover is made from “medical grade” silicon. At first glance, the Yurbuds look uncomfortable to use. In reality, you will be surprised by how well they fit. The advantage of the somewhat customized fit is that the earbuds fit very well into your ear. Unlike most stock earbuds, where you must change the caps and only if you are lucky you will get a good fit. The Yurbuds redirect all your music into your ear canal. However they do not isolate noise completely. The Yurbuds are designed to let some of the outside noise into your ear– presumably for safety reasons.

There are several important things you must consider before buying Yurbuds. Size is very important. Have too much of a space between your ear and the bud – you won’t be able to hear your music completely. If you have too little of a space, you will feel discomfort. With the right amount of space, you will forget the Yurbuds are even there. So when sending the photo of your ear with the reference object, make sure the image is clear, the lighting is good and that the focus is on your ear and not your face (zoom into your ear)

The major disadvantage of the Yurbuds is the fact that if you have a bad earbud to start with, there is not much the Yurbuds can enhance. The standard ipod earbuds are mediocre. They are only made slightly better with the Yurbuds. The true benefit of Yurbuds is when you use them with other earbuds. However, Yurtopia does not provide any compatible models on their site. You must contact them and ask if your earbud model is compatible. Generally if it is the same size as the stock Apple earbuds, then you are fine.

At $20 Yurbuds are a great investment. You get custom fitted earbud covers, a pair of stock Apple earbuds and an instruction manual on how to put the Yurbuds on. Yurbuds are available online, but most retailers also sell them. I’d recommend buying Yurbuds online, so you can get them custom fitted. If you buy Yurbuds in a store you only get two sizes. The major use for Yurbuds is for using them on other earbuds, rather than the stock ipod ones. Make sure to contact the Yurtopia support beforehand. You will be glad you did: Yurbuds are an exceptional earbud enhancer – providing great noise isolation and sound focusing for your ear.

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